How do I use my code?

After you find the painting you would like to create...

1. Press Add to Cart

2. Go to Check Out

    3. Enter Customer Information

    4. Apply discount code above TOTAL on left side.

    I bought a kit, how do I know which video I get?

    Every kit is the same. The unique code inside each kit unlocks 1 video from this library. So when you buy a kit you have a choice as to which painting you would like to do. Every time you buy a new kit you get a new code for unlocking more videos!


    Can I rent a video without buying a kit?

    Yes, video rentals are $9.99. You are welcome to use your own art supplies.


    The painting in the video doesn't look like the sample image.

    The paintings were created before filming in my studio. During the filming the complex painting is simplified into a 1-2 hour instructional painting. It will not be as detailed and accurate as the original, but you are welcome to spend many more hours on your painting to develop it into a wonderful painting!


    If you have any more questions, please contact our customer service at info@jamescorwin.com